Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the software free?

Our standard plan includes a free welcome bonus of 20 credits, which should be sufficient to solve several static analysis projects each with tens of thousands of nodes. You may purchase additional credits at a low cost determined by your plan.

What are credits?

A credit (CR) is the unit/token we use for charging for operations that run on the cloud. Meshing and solving will cost you a certain number of credits, which is determined by a number of different metrics. We don't use "core hour" units, since we believe that this incentivizes low efficiency.

Where can I find how many credits I have?

Your balance of credits is displayed on your account's balance page.

Where can I purchase credits?

Credits can be purchased through your account's balance page.

How is the cost for meshing determined?

The cost for meshing is determined from your desired number of elements and the selected meshing algorithm.

How is the cost for solving determined?

The cost for solving is determined from the number of nodes in the mesh.

How can I request support?

You can submit an enquiry through our contact page.

Can I save my projects on the cloud?

Our Professional and Teams plans offer private cloud storage. You may still save projects on the cloud with our standard plan, however they must be public and visible to everyone.

Will I be charged if meshing or solving fails?

Your credits will be completely refunded. We try to automatically detect any failures. Please contact us for a refund if you believe that the simulation failed and was not detected as such.

Will I be charged if I cancel a simulation?

You will be refunded an amount determined by how long the simulation was running.